ZIOI – The answer to Basic Content Services for IBM ECM

Posted by admin on Apr 16, 2009

Imagine every Microsoft Office user in your organization accessing MS Office documents stored in your IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system as easily as using file shares. With Zero Install Office Integration your staff will find, open, edit and store Office documents without realizing they are working in the IBM ECM system. WeWebU Zero-Install Office Integration is so intuitive users do not need ECM system experience. A beautiful dream? No, reality!

These Basic Content Services are exactly what you get with WeWebU Zero-Install Office Integration. With it, WeWebU provides an interface familiar to MS Office users and makes interaction with your IBM ECM system simpler than ever. It allows use of your ECM system from MS Office intuitively and with virtually no training effort. Opening and editing documents from the IBM ECM system in MS Office and storing them back into the IBM ECM system becomes as easy as working with the local file system. Zero-Install Office Integration uses the standard MS Office menus and terms users are already familiar with, e.g. “Open” or “Save As”. Several document management functions are combined to intuitive menu items. Checkout and check-in run automatically in the background as documents are opened and saved. This feature saves users the effort of dealing with version status and other ECM terms thus allowing them to concentrate on their actual work using the MS Office products. The effort to store documents in the IBM ECM system is no greater than saving them in the local file system. Thus, redundant storage and overwriting of documents is avoided, while time is not wasted searching for the latest and “correct” document. Employee-productivity rises while at the same time all changes and versions are stored and tracked. Hence, compliance is easily achieved.

WeWebU Zero-Install Office Integration does not require any roll-out. Worldwide unique, it does not need any installation on the client computer and so avoids all related problems and resulting efforts and costs. At first usage just insert the link to Zero-Install Office Integration in the File Open dialog of MS Office and you are ready to work with the documents from your IBM ECM system!

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